Special Drive to Help Local Storm Victims

SAMMinistries, the San Antonio, Food Bank, and Haven for Hope need donations to help those affected by the winter storm.


The winter storm has created a dire need for assistance for many in our community. With so many of our neighbors just one paycheck away from homelessness, this unprecedented weather event has highlighted the challenges of some of the most vulnerable San Antonians. From assistance paying higher utility bills due to the storm, aid with rent for those who could not work during the storm, and help with home repairs for those without renters’ insurance, immediate assistance is crucial in preventing families and individuals from becoming homeless.  Visit SAMMinistries (www.samm.org) to help.

San Antonio Food Bank

The San Antonio Food Bank has a mission to fight hunger and feed hope across 29 counties of Southwest Texas. The COVID 19 pandemic has doubled the number of people getting a weekly food benefit from the Food Bank, from 58,000 to 120,000. The recent winter storm has been especially hard on families in poverty, so the Food Bank has initiated a 10-Day Response Campaign to make sure all families needing water and food are restocked by Feb. 28. Support is needed immediately; $1 provides 7 meals. Visit San Antonio Food Bank (safoodbank.org) to help.

Haven for Hope

Haven for Hope’s services reach far beyond those of a traditional homeless shelter. Providing food, clothing, and shelter is only a fraction of what can be done to help those experiencing homelessness. While these basic necessities play a large role in providing immediate relief, they are not long-term solutions. Therefore, to address the individual needs of people experiencing homelessness, Haven collaborates with over 181 partner organizations to provide comprehensive services, in a centralized location, to 1,100 men, women, and children daily (these numbers reflect our current capacity during the COVID-19 pandemic). Haven for Hope was already experiencing significant, unbudgeted expenses due to the COVID-19 pandemic before last week’s devastating weather.  Visit Haven For Hope (www.havenforhope.org) for information.