Post-COVID Resources

Resources for Post-COVID Meetings for Worship

These links provide detailed advice about the issues we will face
in deciding how to meet together after the COVID pandemic fades.

1) General Advice:

2) About Hybrid Meetings for Worship:

3) About Reopening:

4) Meeting Documents

  • Considerations about Resuming (written in June, 2020; though the COVID spread is now lower, the document is still relevant its treatment of the issues)

  • Notes from the April 18th 2021 Threshing Meeting (on the issues we will need to address in order to resume meeting in the Meetinghouse)

  • Ministry and Oversight discerned the following list of objectives that Friends voiced at this Threshing Meeting. They may or may not be in conflict with each other.

We request that Friends review these and the notes linked immediately above, then communicate their own responses and discernments to us at