Special Events


6pm – 7pm CST Wednesday May 10, 2023
At the Meetinghouse — Zoom available to registered participants
Price: Pay What You Want — Suggested $10 to Cover Supply Costs

Please arrive 5-10 minutes early to give yourself time to set up

When our Solar Plexus / Navel Chakra is aligned we experience a sense of power and self-confidence. This class will build on our study of Muladara and Svadhistana Chakras, combining the elements that bring power to new life as we enter spring: earth (Muladara), water (Svadhisthana), and fire (Manipura), bringing the light of the spring sun into our lives as we celebrate the turning of the seasons. This workshop will include a short introductory reflection and a guided vinyasa sequence.

Registration deadline Monday 7pm
RSVP to Sara @ starfish15@gmail.com
Please indicate if you will be attending online

Bring: mat (limited mats are available)
Optional: water, towel, blocks and/or other props

Instructor: Sara Ramey: Sara has been exploring yogic practice for over 10 years and recently began her journey as an instructor. She is excited to share her training and experience with others. Sara leads medium-paced holistic classes designed to strengthen and relax the body as a pathway to more fully connect with the self and the pranic energy in the world around us.


Meeting Visitor

March 12th, in the trees behind the Meetinghouse


(We think it’s a barred owl, but it didn’t respond when we asked.)