Special Events

January 23rd: Preparing for the State of the Meeting Report

Zoom users click HERE to download the SOMR Queries

Each year, we write a State of the Meeting Report. We do this both for our own use – self-reflection is a long-standing Quaker practice – and as a report to South Central Yearly Meeting about how our Meeting is doing. The last two years have been hard, and many people have found themselves with unexpected emotions and with much less energy than usual. (See the reflection on pages 9-10 of our January Newsletter for another organization’s experience.) This has certainly affected San Antonio Meeting.

We will gather at 11:30 on January 23rd, in person and on Zoom, to reflect together on our own experiences. This will help Ministry, Care, and Guidance write a draft report for our later consideration.

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passcode: 194077

January 30th: Forum / Discussion on Vocal Ministry, led by Gary Whiting & Jim Spickard

We will be joined for this 5th Sunday event by Friends from the Cielo Grande Quarterly Meeting.

Unlike many religious groups, Quakers in the unprogrammed tradition do not give prepared sermons during our Meetings for Worship. Instead, we speak only when we are led by the Spirit to do so. How does this work? How do we know when we are called to speak? Gary and Jim will lead a discussion of these matters on January 30th, drawing on their and your experiences of being called to present vocal ministry in Meeting for Worship.

We will use a short QuakerSpeak video as a discussion starter. Here are two useful ones. (Click on the picture or the link to view.)

We encourage you share what kinds of vocal ministry work best for you, either giving or receiving.

Join us either in person or by Zoom.

Zoom ID #976 0522 6497
passcode: 194077