Special Events

Quaker May Fair!!
Now May 15th at the Meetinghouse

Yes, the Fair is back. Building on our success, it will be a neighborhood yard sale in the parking lot. Meeting will feature books and baked goods [donated, not home baked this year].

David Hayes will be the site coordinator, to lay out and will sign people up for each slot. If you would like to have a slot to sell your [now] unwanted treasures, or you know of some else who would, please contact David [deeperdaze@gmail.com].

We will follow CDC guidelines re masks, distancing and sanitizers. F/friends please wear FMSA tee-shirts & name tags, bring shopping bags, invite family, friends, and neighbors.

The timetable is:
     • 7:30: set up tables & tents;
     • 8:00: Friends & neighbors set up;
     • 9:00-1:00: sell, then take everything down.

And tell Gretchen how you would like to be involved [jmhaynes@earthlink.net]. There’s plenty of work to go around in this community building event, the postponed 6th Annual Quaker Fair,

See photos from our last Community Yard Sale


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