Welcome to San Antonio’s Quaker Meeting

Dear Friends,

The COVID-19 pandemic has interrupted everyone’s lives, including ours. The disease is now spreading in San Antonio, and there are people who have been exposed to the virus who have not yet been traced and tested. We must all work together to limit the virus’ spread.

As a result, we will be ending face-to-face Meetings for Worship until the situation has changed. 

Instead, we will have a virtual Meeting for Worship via Zoom.

We will meet from 10am-11am as usual,
with the ‘doors’ opening by 9:45.

Friends are welcome to stay for an after-Meeting
check-in and discussion.

Joining a zoom meeting is fairly simple. You click on a link and download a small piece of software (just takes a few seconds).  Watch this one minute YouTube video that shows how to join a meeting: Join a Meeting – YouTube

If you have a computer or a smartphone, you can enter the virtual ‘Meetinghouse” by clicking this link:


If you are calling in by telephone, you can dial in at +1 346 248 7799 US (Houston).  You will need to enter the

  • Meeting ID: 879 528 637 87
  • No password

Zoom will mute your microphone when you enter the Meeting.  Unmute yourself before giving ministry during Meeting or speaking during the discussion afterwards.

We encourage Friends to remain at home for all except essential activities. Meeting by Zoom lets us connect with our spiritual community while keeping each other safe.

Please check back here for updates.