Business Meeting Agenda & Reports

December 19st Business Meeting
11:30am-1:00 pm Blended (in-person and by Zoom)

(See calendar Zoom details: same as Meeting for Worship)


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Note: If you are attending on Zoom, please bring something in each of the following colors:
White, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow.
Meanings are listed at the bottom of this page.

  • Opening Worship
  • Query
  • Clerk’s Comments
  • Approval of November Minutes (posted)
    (click link to review the minutes)


(if there’s no link, then the reports haven’t yet been uploaded;
please read what’s here and then return to read the rest)

  • Treasurer’s Reports:
    — Click for November Treasurer’s Report
    — Click for November Balance Sheet
    — Click for November Statement of Activities
    — Click for Historical Cost of Land & Buildings
  • Religious Education Committee:
    — Click for Religious Education Report
  • Ministry & Oversight
    — Click for M&O Report
  • Nominating Committee
    Click for Nominating Report
  • Property Committee:
    — Click for Property Report
  • Peace and Social Concerns Committee
    — Click for P&SC Report
  • Other Reports:

Other Business


Clerk’s Reminders

  • November 28th: Forum on Reopening the Children’s Program
  • December 4th: Memorial Service for Janet Southwood
  • December 5th: Possible continuation of discussion on Reopening the Children’s Program
  • December 9th: (2nd-Thursday) Simple Meal & Jerry Knutson talk on Individual Spiritual Discernment” 
  • December 18th: Meeting for Weeding (9am-1pm)
  • December 19th: December Business Meeting
  • December 24th: Christmas Eve Worship & Simple Meal

Other Announcements

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The Clerk will use the above colors to assess the sense of the Meeting of the Zoom attenders:

  • White signifies “I have a clarifying/factual question.”
  • Blue signifies “I can answer a question and/ or have relevant factual information.”
  • Green signifies “I am generally positive about this and/or willing to move forward.”
  • Red signifies “I have a doubt or concern.”
  • Yellow signifies “I have something to say but it doesn’t fit any of the above categories.”