Business Meeting Agenda & Reports

February 24th Business Meeting
7-8:30 pm by Zoom

(see calendar page for Zoom details)


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Note: Please bring something in each of the following colors:
White, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow.
The Clerk will use these to assess the sense of the Meeting:
White signifies “I have a clarifying/factual question.” 
Blue signifies “I can answer a question and/ or
have relevant factual information.” 
Green signifies “I am generally positive about this and/or
willing to move forward.” 
Red signifies “I have a doubt or concern.”
Yellow signifies “I have something to say but it doesn’t fit
any of the above categories.”

  • Opening Worship
  • Clerk’s Comment
  • Approval of January Minutes
    (click link to review the minutes)


(links will appear when the clerk receives the reports)

Clerk’s Announcements


Other Announcements

  • Opportunity to contribute events to the Community Bulletin Board

Other Business

  • As it arises …
  • Closing Worship