Business Meeting Agenda & Reports

March 19th Business Meeting
11:30am-1:00 pm Blended (in-person and by Zoom)

(See calendar Zoom details: same as Meeting for Worship)


Please click the links to review this month’s reports.
(Past reports can be found by consulting previous months’ Minutes.)


Note: If you are attending on Zoom, please bring something in each of the following colors:
White, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow.
Meanings are listed at the bottom of this page.

Main Topic: Meeting Reorganization

This month, we will devote our attention to the topic of simplifying our Meeting structure.  We find ourselves with too many committees and too few people to staff them.  We are looking for creative ways to do the work that we need to do without overburdening ourselves.

Please read a (rough) draft proposal that emerged from the January meeting of the clerks and conveners of our various committees. This will help structure our discussion.

Click HERE for Draft Proposal on Meeting Reorganization

Click HERE to see our latest Nominating Committee report, showing our current structure.

Committee Reports:

Please read the reports, but they will not be the main topic of our discussion.
We will, however, address any concerns that the various committees think need immediate attention.

(if there’s no link, then the reports haven’t yet been uploaded;
please read what’s here and then return to read the rest)

Other Business


Clerk’s Reminders


Other Announcements

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If needed, the Clerk will use the above colors to assess the sense of the Meeting of the Zoom attenders:

  • White signifies “I have a clarifying/factual question.”
  • Blue signifies “I can answer a question and/ or have relevant factual information.”
  • Green signifies “I am generally positive about this and/or willing to move forward.”
  • Red signifies “I have a doubt or concern.”
  • Yellow signifies “I have something to say but it doesn’t fit any of the above categories.”