Statements on Social Issues

FMSA’s Minutes on Matters of Public Concern

Friends are encouraged to play responsible roles in their communities, both individually and collectively.  Individual Quakers frequently speak their own views on social issues.  On occasion, after much deliberation and discernment, Friends Meetings are called to speak collectively.  Friends Meeting of San Antonio will post its Minutes of Social Concern here, and will also communicate them through other media.

  • Friends Meeting calls for a negotiated ceasefire and an end to killing in the Middle East.

(The following Minute was approved at our November Business Meeting and mailed to President Biden, with copies to other leaders in Washington.)

Dear President Biden,

At a gathering of Quakers last week, Friends Meeting of San Antonio approved the follow position concerning the current hostilities in the Middle East and around the world.

Friends Meeting of San Antonio stands in solidarity and support with persons around the world who are conscientious objectors to wars and political violence. We ask Friends and others committed to peace in the world to join in our long-standing opposition to war.

We call upon the leaders of all belligerent groups to:

  1. Negotiate a ceasefire in all current hostilities,
  2. Follow all Geneva Conventions preventing the killing of civilians, and
  3. Allow only humanitarian assistance in any aid packages.

It is our hope that you will use your leadership position to advance the notion that violence as a response to conflict is morally wrong and only results in more death and destruction. Only through dialogue and the recognition of our common humanity can we set aside our differences and live in peaceful coexistence.

In the Light,

 Bill Wilkinson and Jim Spickard, co-clerks

  • Friends Minute on the Separation of Children from the Asylum-Seeking Parents, June 17 2018

    In response to the continuing administration policy of separating asylum-seeking parents from their children, as young as six months, Friends Meeting of San Antonio [Quaker] approved the following Minute on June 17, 2018.

    Minute 2018.06-3: Friends Meeting of San Antonio finds the policy of the present administration of separating children from their families at the border to be shameful and contrary to American values. Further, using the Gospel to claim that “God has ordained” such actions is appalling to us as a people of faith. We also insist that our government follow international law and open our ports of entry for people seeking asylum. We call on all government officials, from the President, Attorney General, Senators, and Representatives, to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Protection to cease and desist separating infants and older children from their parents. Compassion is called for in welcoming those who flee violence, seeking asylum in America.

    Val Liveoak & Gretchen Haynes, co-clerks