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Thank you for offering to help Friends in these difficult times.  Enter your information below, so the FHF Coordinator can match you with someone who needs your skills.

  • We appreciate clear ideas of what you can do, and what you are not willing or able to do. For example, some Friends cannot leave their homes, but can make calls for others.  Please consider your time, energy, and funding limits. (Gas money adds up.)
  • If a Friend requests something that is beyond your capabilities or willingness, there is no shame in saying “I’ll have to see if someone else can do that.” You are not obligated to do anything.
  • If the Friend’s request is not clear, it is good to ask “What would that look like?” or “How do you see that working out?” None of us can meet everyone’s need all the time. 

We expect Friends who request shopping or pickup to cover the cost of supplies they request. Be clear about if you are willing to accept cash or checks or both. Discourage any offer to take the Friend’s credit card. Be ready to provide the receipt for anything you’ve paid for. 

If the Friend says they cannot pay, please refer this request to Ministry and Care for a potential loan or other arrangement. 

Please be sure to fill out the starred items.

Include Zip Code and area of town.
Put preferred number first. Say if you are willing to receive texts.
Put one that you check regularly.
Choose your favorite from the drop-down list.
E.g.: Not after 8pm, prefer mornings, etc.

Please click the SUBMIT button to send your information to the FHF Coordinator.

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