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Solar Eclipse Party

October 14, 2023

Join us at the Meetinghouse field to view a rare annular solar eclipse!  The moon will be directly in front of the sun but will not block it completely.  Instead, we'll see a ring of fire around the (black) moon.

The moon starts crossing the sun about 10:15 am.  Near-totality starts about 11:50am and lasts until a bit before noon.  The eclipse is over by about 1:30pm.

People are welcome to bring friends and picnics.  We will have water and snacks to share.

Do not look directly at this without special eye protection!  We will have special solar glasses to lend, plus a device that projects the occluded sun onto a board for viewing.  If you bring your own solar glasses, please make sure they are made with solar filters that conform to a worldwide safety standard known as ISO 12312-2.  Regular sunglasses or homemade solar filters are not safe for watching an eclipse because they transmit sunlight at a rate that is thousands of times too high.


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