Last Wishes Form

This form has two purposes:

  1. It lets San Antonio Friends Meeting know your wishes for a memorial service and other end-of-life matters. Meeting will store this information in a locked, passworded location, to which only you and our Ministry and Oversight Committee have access.  
  2. It gives you a chance to think through those matters and print a copy to leave with your personal papers for your executor, family, friends, or whomever you wish to settle your affairs. 

You may change your wishes at any time.  

Please fill out the following information. You may leave items blank, if you wish.

Click the “Submit” button (at the bottom) when you are done.

So we can send you a printed copy of your information
So we can mail you a printed copy of your information.
Please enter month day and year. You can just type it in, ignoring the date choices.
*Note expenses are your estate's responsibility

When you are finished, please push the “Submit” button to send your information to Friends Meeting. We will reformat it into a readable document, which we will send to you.