How-To Videos

How-To Videos for FMSA Tech

The COVID pandemic has forced San Antonio Quakers to rely on tech much more than in the past. This includes increased use of the website to present events and information, a new e-mailing system to distribute announcements and newsletters, new technology to allow hybrid meetings (in-person and on Zoom), increased use of Facebook for Meeting publicity, and so on.  

None of these systems is particularly complex.  The do, however, present some challenges, particularly to Friends who are not already technically skilled.  As a result, too many tasks fall to those Friends for whom tech work comes easily.

This need not be the case.  Many of the tasks are easy to learn.  As an aid to that learning, we are posting a series of short How-To videos that demonstrate some of the things that anyone with ordinary computer skills can manage.

Videos Already Posted

  1. How to Add an Item to the Meeting Website Calendar (4 minutes, 23 seconds)
  2. How to Send an Announcement about Sunday Meeting for Worship (7 minutes, 23 seconds)
  3. How to Post an Item to our Quaker Conversations Blog (2 minutes, 40 seconds)
    (See the video embedded below about how to set up blogging software to connect to the blog. Examples use Open Live Writer.)

Still to Come:

  • How to Post a Special Event to the Meeting’s Special Events Page
  • How to Move a Special Event to the Meeting’s Past Events Page
  • How to Post a Photo Gallery
  • How to Send Out a Meeting Announcement
  • How to Send Out the Meeting Newsletter
  • How to Check the Distribution Lists for Problems

We also plan to add videos on how to run the tech for hybrid meetings. 

Here’s a video about setting up software you can use
to post to the Community Events Blog

A few videos are only available on the Meeting’s Hi-Drive.
That’s because they are easy to misuse. 

  • How to Log Into the Meeting Website
  • How to Upload Documents to the Meeting Website (example uses Filezilla to upload the Newsletter)

If you need one of these, please get information from the Clerk, the Webmaster,
or someone else with access to the Hi-Drive.

There are plenty of YouTube videos about how to use Zoom,
and there are also videos about how to use WordPress —
the software that runs our website. 
We will not be creating videos on these
topics unless Friends request something specific.