Query for March

How does the guidance you receive in waiting silence carry forward into your daily life? 

Events in March 2023

  • Forum: Preview of Yearly Meeting, led by Val Liveoak

    Forum: Preview of Yearly Meeting, led by Val Liveoak

    March 12, 2023

    Each year, Quakers from Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana gather for a time of fun, fellowship, and discussion called Yearly Meeting.  This year, our theme is Spiritual Refreshment for the Long Haul. We will meet in two modes:

    1. Sunday, April 2 to Wednesday, April 5 will consist of online sessions.
    2. Thursday, April, 6 to Sunday, April 9 will be held at Greene Family Camp (Bruceville TX) with some events also available online.

    Greg Casillas, of our Meeting, will be the keynote speaker. He says of the theme: My take on "Refreshment for the Long Haul" is this, "If we are not charged, it is difficult to recharge others. How do we practice self-care for the challenges that we face, nourish others with supportive language, and what do we do on a daily basis to support our Quaker Values (SPICES) in a way that is not ethnocentric?"

    Val Liveoak and other long-term YM attenders will provide a preview of the Yearly Meeting for those who are curious or/and wish to learn more.