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Forum: Topic: How Do Quakers Get Things Done?

December 11, 2022

Friends Meeting has no paid staff.  How do we get our Meeting work done?  Much of the work is done by committees.  Among them:

  • Ministry, Care, and Guidance attends to the depth of our Meetings for Worship, the care of our members and attenders, and the larger issues facing the Meeting
  • Religious Education supervises the Children's Program and provides forums, short classes, and other programs on Quaker issues.
  • Peace and Social Concerns organizes the Meeting's social and political outreach.
  • Property oversees our physical plant.
  • Finance oversees our finances.
  • Community Engagement organizes our hospitality before and after our Meetings for Worship and attends to our Meeting publicity.
  • Nominating matches Friends' skills and interests to the various jobs that we have to do.

Join us for a "speed-dating' session where you can learn how each committee works and possibly how you might fit in.

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