Advice for July

Do you gently and patiently accept the social consequences of speaking the truth?


Events in May 2022

  • Meeting for Weeding at the Meetinghouse

    Meeting for Weeding at the Meetinghouse

    May 21, 2022

    Join us for a "Meeting for Weeding" at the Meetinghouse.  All are welcome!  Lots of things to do to get ready for in-person activities. Join us!

  • Forum: "Retrospective Justice, William Penn, Continued"

    Forum: "Retrospective Justice, William Penn, Continued"

    May 22, 2022

    Our discussion of the legacy of William Penn was broad and deep. We named the problem and determined the truth about his blind spot regarding owning and trading enslaved Africans. We did not have time to consider making amends as present-day Quakers. We decided this was an important topic to continue and will re-convene May 22, including the pamphlet by Eric Ambler, What is Experiment with Light? as a way to approach difficult subjects. This introductory booklet is available to view or download from Rex Ambler’s Experiment with Light UK website.

  • FCNL Advocacy Teams

    FCNL Advocacy Teams

    May 29, 2022

    Quakers have petitioned the government since the 1650s. We still do! Want to start? Or up your lobbying? Friends Committee on National Legislation has an Advocacy Teams Network of >1500 Quakers and friends nationwide. Team members build an ongoing relationship with members of Congress, learn how to work with the media, and network with advocates in our community. FCNL staff will explain more and answer questions. Let’s form an Advocacy Team in San Antonio!