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 Query for December

 In this time of commercialism, how do you reflect the values of Simplicity?

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12/3 -  Meeting for Worship

 Pot luck luncheon 11:15-12:00 and Book/DVD Swap

12/10- Forum - TBA

12/14 - Midweek Meeting for Worship at the Meetinghouse 6:15 Share soup and fellowship followed by worship at 7:00

12/17 - Business Meeting

12/24 - 10:00 - Meeting for Worship

6:30 pm Meeting for Worship

7:00 pm Tamales for Christmas Eve

12/27 - Midweek Meeting for Worship

7- 8 pm at Gary and Vivien's home 307 E. Mistletoe 78212

12/31 - Meeting for Worship - No Forum Fellowshp at 11:00


 NEW! Forum Archive - click HERE for list

of past forums and access to handouts

Please note, this is a work in progress

All visitors are encouraged to participate in these forums

 Childcare is provided

Other Items of Interest

Lukemia Support Group

The following non-quaker groups meet at the FMSA Meetinghouse: Celebration Circle, Plum Branch Sangha, Re-formed Congregation of the Goddess Check on the LINKS page for dates, times, and links to websites.

What Canst Thou Say?
 (WCTS) is a worship-sharing group in print for Quakers with an interest in mystical experience and contemplative practice.
 The editors of WCTS are pleased to announce the creation of two blogs!

The name of the first blog is What Canst Thou Say? The Blog. The intent
 of this blog is to share, from the perspective of Friends, a spiritual approach
 to life. Through our sharing of Friends' stories, we hope to model, teach, and practice listening to God, encourage new and old Friends alike to have a spiritual practice, and to document the transformation that results from our reaching out to the Universe for guidance. Visit this blog at

A current discussion on this blog, for which we invite your comments,
concerns our Prayer Workarounds -- what we do to continue to build a relationship with God when the old ways of prayer and meditation no longer work for us.  As one Friend commented about trying to focus when her
damaged nerves just keep on firing, "How do I fidget my way to
enlightenment?" Join the discussion -- share your learnings along the way!

The second blog, Quaker Mystics: Naming the Spiritual Condition
of the World
, is written by the WCTS editors and gathering organizers. A leading that came out of the First Annual Gathering of Friendly Mystics prompted the creation of this blog. To read about that leading by Friends
 who work to steep their lives in God and to learn more about the second gathering, visit

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