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Quaker Action for Peace and Justice

Quakers believe that something of God exists in everyone, and we seek to live our lives accordingly.  Thus Quakers are called to overcome violence and suffering by pursuing peace and justice for all people.  Each Meeting chooses its own approach to these issues.  San Antonio Meeting includes Friends who are active in service at homeless shelters, with prison visitation, and with issues involving  hunger, domestic violence, and protection of the environment.  Our most recent area of concern has been the plight of children and families at our borders that are fleeing violence and seeking refuge.

    The Latest Response By FMSA on Immigration

Minute 2018.06-3: Friends Meeting of San Antonio finds the policy of the present administration of separating children from their families at the border to be shameful and contrary to American values. Further, using the Gospel to claim that “God has ordained” such actions is appalling to us as a people of faith. We also insist that our government follow international law and open our ports of entry for people seeking asylum. We call on all government officials, from the President, Attorney General, Senators, and Representatives, to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Protection to cease and desist separating infants and older children from their parents. Compassion is called for in welcoming those who flee violence, seeking asylum in America. Val Liveoak & Gretchen Haynes, co-clerks