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A Quaker Presence in South Texas


Quaker Action

 for Peace and Justice

Quakers believe that something of God exists in everyone, and we seek to live our lives accordingly.  Thus Quakers are called to overcome violence and suffering by pursuing peace and justice for all people.  Each Meeting chooses its own approach to these issues.  San Antonio Meeting includes Friends who are active in service at homeless shelters, with prison visitation, and with issues involving  hunger, domestic violence, and protection of the environment.  Our most recent area of concern has been the plight of children and families at our borders that are fleeing violence and seeking refuge.

New: Report on Asylum Seekers at our borders (from 8/14/16 Forum)


      Project in Support of Alternatives to Military Service

FMSA's Peace and Social Concerns Committee has compiled valuable information to help young people who are interested in finding work and service opportunities other than by joining the military forces. 

As part of that effort, we have established an informational website about:

  • Alternatives to military service
  • Conscientious objection to war
  • Other ways that young people may choose to serve society

To see these web pages, click HERE .

FMSA Statements on Issues of Social Concern:

 Statement on the Gun Violence and the Newtown, Connecticut. tragedy
Click HERE to read this statement.

  • Statement on the Events of September 11, 2001
    Click HERE to read this statement.
  • Response to the U.S. Bombing of Afghanistan
    Click HERE to read our press release.
  • Statement on the Death Penalty, approved  January 2004.
  • Use of Death Penalty Arbitrarily Imposed in Texas                               Click HERE for link

 As members of Friends Meeting of San Antonio, Religious Society of Friends  (Quakers), we re-affirm our strong opposition to the death penalty. By this statement we bear witness to our founding beliefs that violence against our fellow  humans is morally wrong.  We further affirm our belief that to wreak vengeance on another is  morally and ethically unacceptable.  We are also aware of the convincing evidence showing that the death penalty is not a deterrent to crime. We therefore support all legislative, executive, and judicial efforts to eliminate the death penalty.

AFSC: "Righting the Wrongs of Injustice"    Click   HERE