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What do I need to do to become a conscientious objector?



You must object to participation in all forms of war, and your belief must be based on a religious, moral or ethical belief system.


Put together a portfolio including

·        Copy of Selective Service registration

·        Copy of registered mail receipts and  communications with the draft board

·        Letters of support stating your opposition to war

·        Letters from you to your church stating your convictions

·        Evidence of participation in peace activities

o       Papers written for school advocating non-violence

o       Proof of participation in marches

·        Responses to 3 questions from the Center on Conscience and War that are signed and dated

1.    Describe your beliefs that are the reasons for claiming conscientious objection to combatant military training and service or all military training and service.

2.    Describe how and when you acquired these beliefs. Include influences of family and friends, training, experience, memberships, books and reading.

3.    Explain what most clearly shows that your beliefs are deeply held. You can give a description of how your beliefs affect the way you live.

You will need to select from two classes for the local board –

Class 1-A-O

I claim exemption only from training and service as a combatant member of the Armed Forces.

Class 1-O

I claim exemption from all training and service as a member of the Armed Forces.

(You may potentially do two years of alternative service such as work in a prison or mental health facility.)



‘Preparing for the Draft’ from Quaker House –


From the Selective Service System of the United States government, a person appears before the local board to explain beliefs (


The letter to your church can be sent to

          - Your local church

          - Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors

                   1515 Cherry St., Philadelphia, PA 19102

          - Center on Conscience & War

                   1830 Connecticut Ave., N.W., Washington, D.C. 20009

that says something like the following

On <birthdate> I will turn 18 years old, and I am required to register for the draft under the U.S. Selective Service code. Due to my beliefs, I wish to indicate a conscientious objector status. I have announced my decision to the <your church> where my statement is on record.

Enclosed are copies of my

   - letter to my church that outline my beliefs, and

   - Selective Service registration form

          where I have requested to be considered a

          conscientious objector

Any support you can offer would be appreciated.




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