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Who should consider being a conscientious objector?


If you believe it is wrong to kill people, consider conscientious objection.

        You must be opposed to participation in any form of war.

        Your belief must be based on moral, ethical or religious beliefs.

        Your beliefs must be deeply held.


Check out some questions to see if conscientious objection is for you at


The military recruiters will say that there are many benefits to serving in the military, including

-  Money

-  Travel

-  College

-  Adventure

-  Training

-  Service

However, see what Sgt. Abe, the Honest Recruiter has to say at


Consider all the impacts of serving in the United States military or any other organization before you join. There will be psychological consequences of training and participating in combat, not to mention the risk of injury and death.


Your school may release names to the military for recruitment purposes.

If you want information about having your name not to be on school lists for military recruitment, here is how someone can opt out.


If you want to go to college and need funding, fill out the FAFSA (


If you want to serve your country, travel, train, and have adventure, volunteer with any of the multitude of organizations that nurture and care for people.




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