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Conscientious Objector Information –

Alternatives to Military Service

By the FMSA Peace and Social Concerns Committee

Wage Peace!


One of the main principles of most Quakers is the

peaceful resolution of conflict.


In 1660, the Society of Friends declared to King Charles II of England

Our principle is, and our practices have always been, to seek peace, and ensure it, and to follow after righteousness and the knowledge of God, seeking the good and welfare, and doing that which tends to the peace of all. All bloody principles and practices we do utterly deny, with all outward wars, and strife, and fighting with outward weapons, for any end, or under any pretense whatsoever, and this is our testimony to the whole world…


This set of Web pages is intended to provide information about conscientious objection and alternatives to serving in the military. The information on these pages offers a way to think about your or others’ participation in war and the military. Click on any link below to find out more.


          What is a conscientious objector?

A conscientious objector (CO) is a person who opposes participation in war …


          What are alternatives in serving the United States?

Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, …


          Who should consider being a conscientious objector?

If you believe it is wrong to kill people …


          What do others say about conscientious objection?

What the Bible, Koran and other religious faiths say …


          What do Christians and the Bible say?

The Bible has thousands of verses concerning...


          What do I need to do to become a conscientious objector?

Put together a portfolio …


Conflict Resolution

          Peaceful ways to resolve disputes


          Other links to related organizations


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